Monday, May 30, 2011

Long Overdue Update

I have been a completely delinquent blogger. Not only that, I have been pretty delinquent on my weight loss journey.

I have not been working out as much as I should have been and I have not been doing daily challenges. I have done a few things that are adventure worthy, a three mile charity walk for suicide prevention, the "Mutt Strutt" which is a 2.5 mile walk for the local Humane Society,  and just this weekend I went on a walk at Fort Harrison and did some geocaching with Cloud Dancing's Heartsong, her sister, and the Dude Monkey! It was great fun!

I also have not been keeping track of food very well. I have to get back on track with that. I had set up reminders on my phone for each meal... but for some reason I turned them off. Maybe turning them back on will help. Although half of the time, I just ignored them. Any ideas for keeping me on track with my food tracking... PLEASE LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS!!!

I have still have not weighed in, but i did check my measurements. Since the last time I measured, I lost a half inch on my thighs, and gained .25 of an inch on my arm (which isn't necessarily a bad thing) and my waist and bust stayed the same.  So overall, I think things are going ok in the weight department. My clothes are still fitting the same.

I am probably not gaining weight, but I don't think I am really losing any weight. I am going to weigh in this week, and take note of how I am doing.  Hopefully I haven't slid backward too much. I think this "no scale" plan backfired a little, because I took a little more license to cheat than I would have without it.

I feel I need to energize my work out a little. My "daily" challenge for June is going to be to workout BEFORE work FOUR days a week and on two of those days, I do a "2 a day" where I work out in the evening as well as in the morning.

I have not decided on a monthly adventure for June. I am thinking about making it water aerobics... but I am open to suggestions.

I am going to really try to update more. It is hard now that the weather is nice I am spending a lot of time outside with the Dude Monkey!

I look forward to your advice on the food tracking and the monthly adventure!