Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekly Weigh In and update

LOST: 5.6 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I am sooo excited! I am really getting closer and closer to my goal!

My counseling is really helping. I am learning to change my behaviors and because I have to be accountable to my counselor, i take responsibility for everything I eat! My counselor totally agreed with my idea from last week, its OK to have a funnel cake once a year especially if i take ownership over the calories and burning them off! I was at 712 calories by Saturday, i took a forty minute bike ride with Alistair last night, and while I'm didn't look it up, i bet it was pretty close to the last 188 that I needed to make up for my fair food!

I had some other good stats yesterday too. in the past 4 weeks, I've take 2.5 inches from my waist,1.5 inches from my right thigh, and .25 inches each from my bust and hip....slam slam does not approve of the loss in the bust category! LOL!!!

I really feel like I am going to make it this time!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Weekly Update

GAINED 2 LBS!!!!  :(

So this update is a little behind, I weighed in on last Tuesday (the 16th) and I had gained two pounds! We were visiting my mamaw in Kentucky and I had a totally meltdown. I'd love to blame her good southern cooking, but I can't. I actually started out really well, using the right portions and everything. but then, I had forgotten my plate, and my "eyeing" of portions got a little out of whack. I ate a piece of cheesecake for my uncle's bday, which I thought would be ok because we played a rousing game of kickball afterwards for about an hour!

Sunday is when I really fell apart, pizza, ice cream, and goulash. it was bad news. We didn't do enough exercise to burn off all that bad. so.... there you go!

My counselor told me that if I had just splurged once over the weekend it would have been fine, but since I am still trying to lose, it was just too much!  I hope I can do better this week.

So far I have been to Zumba twice, done my stretching routine twice, and gone to water aerobics. Now before I seem all saintly, you should now, the main factor in my decision to go to water aerobics, was the fact that I ate 2/3s of a funnel cake  and a corn dog at the fair! IT WAS DELICIOUS.

This was not a moment of weakness. I looked up what the average funnel cake is in calories (none of you want to know this but I am telling you anyway, 760 calories, not sure how to estimate the corndog, as it had a TON of breading on yummy.  Anyway, I only get state fair style corn dogs once a year at the fair, same for the funnel cake so I decided to plan for it. I figure if I can stick to the plan the rest of the time, and exercise EXTRA this weekend, I can make up for it.

I really want this to be a lifestyle change, I do not intend to go the rest of my life and never have another funnel cake! But I do intend to be mindful of what the calories are and take responsibility for burning them off.   My goal for the weekend is to burn 900 calories in order to make up for the Funnel Cake and Corn Dog! I'm doing ok so far.

I walked about 4,000 steps at the fair = approx 240 calories
Water Aerobics =472

That equals 712, only 188 calories to go!!!  I totally think I can accomplish this goal! I plan to do an aerobic video at home tonight, and perhaps tomorrow too.

I weigh in on Tuesday at 7pm, so I'll probably take a "last chance" bike ride with the Dude Monkey on the back on Monday evening, just to seal the deal!

I don't want to start believing its ok to eat whatever I want, but I also don't want to feel like I can never have certain things again. I really believe if you plan for it and take responsibility for making it up, then you can do it! I guess we will see if I am right on Tuesday! I'll let you all know what happens!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Weekly Update

Don't have time for a full post right now..... but the program I am on is AMAZING! and it is really getting results!

Weekly Weight Loss: 4.2 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!! 


Goals for next week:
1. One strength training work out
2. Two ZUMBAs!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday Weigh-In and Weekly Wrap-Up


It feels so good to be posting again after just a week! I hope I'll be back in the blogging swing of things!  That may not seem like much weight loss, but the scale hasn't really gone down since February, and any time since then that it did go down was because it had gone UP the week before, so no net weight loss there. The sure sign of the negative effect all this yo-yoing has had on me is that my body fat percentage is up nearly 2 percentage point. BUT, Seeing the scale move in the right direction feels really good! so i know i can gain that ground back.

Tonight I go back to my nutritional counselor for a check-in/weigh-in. For the purposes of the blog I am going to use the same weigh-in procedure that I have been doing, on my scale, first thing on Wednesday mornings. Here's why, last week I weighed in the morning on my scale in the am, and weighed X lbs, at 7 pm that night I weighed in on their scale and weighed X+5 lbs. I know that weight can fluctuate dramatically throughout the day, and every scale is different. So for the purposes of this blog and being consistent with it I am going to do what I have always been doing.  I haven't decided how I am going to track what the weigh-ins from my nutritional counseling are, or how i should report them here. wouldn't it be weird if my AM weight says I lost just one pound tonight, and when I go to them tonight it says I have lost more?!?!?

Anyway, this is all i have time for today. I'll go into how my eating is going another time, but SOON!


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