Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lots of Catching Up to do!

I have been a bad blogger! I haven't updated this in such a long time! Lots has happened since I last posted. I  went to Milwaukee where I totally fell off the program and gained 3lbs! :(

Then the next week I got back on track and lost 2.4 pounds of what I had gained! Not everything, but pretty good.

This week I have been very sick and I haven't been eating like i should, I was worried though that it might have really slowed down my metabolism. But I am happy to say i lost 5.8 lbs this week!  My nutritional counselor warned me however that i will gain 2 or 3 of these pounds back once I start eating normally again.

I am cruising right along, I have now lost a total of 45.6 lbs! I am almost half way to reaching my goal. Being at the halfway point is so exciting. I have made it through the first half of the challenge, I know I can make it the rest of the way.

Hopefully I don't backtrack too much next week when my appetite comes back!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Last week's update

Last Week:LOST = 3.4 lbs!!!!!!!

This week: LOST= 1.4lbs!!!!!!! 

This brings my total weight loss from October 2010 to 41.8 lbs!!!  and my weight loss since beginning my nutritional counseling program (just 6 weeks ago) is 17.6 lbs!!! 

I am really excited about my success, and I don't want to get ahead of myself, I still have a lot to lose!

But I am starting to worry about the sustainability factor. This is not the first time I have lost 40 lbs. .... it is actually the third time. Twice before I lost 40 lbs... and then..... gained it back..... PLUS some more weight on top.... THAT CAN NOT HAPPEN AGAIN!

I won't let it. So I have been thinking about some of the rules/lessons I have learned from my past failures, and from my current counseling.

1. The idea that if you don't weigh yourself the weight isn't there is NOT GOOD! I can't hide in a hole and pretend it is not happening, not if i have any hope of keeping this off. I am going to continue to weigh in each week and MAINTAIN my weight. This will be a lifelong change!

2. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for MY CALORIES! Because this IS a lifelong change I realize that I am not going to go the rest of my life without a brownie, or a milkshake or whatever. But I have to take responsibility for that, something has to give when i do that, so that means an extra zumba class, or whatever it takes to make up the difference.

3. PORTIONS and MODERATION: the new portion sizing that I am learning has to be a lifelong change! I can't go back to the portions i used to it, mostly because they were totally out of whack and no one should be eating the portions i used to eat. AND my treats have to be in moderation, "cheating" should be occasional, not a couple times a week or even once a week!

I think if I stick to these 3 rules then I should have no trouble keeping this weight off. But of course I have to take it off first... and I still have 63 lbs to go!