Rules and Adventures

  1. I will post AT LEAST once a week. 
  2. I will keep a food journal on my SparkPeople account and blog about my eating habits
  3. I will document my weight losses (and gains) in my posts on this blog and on my SparkPeople account 
  4. I will post periodic pictures that I am in (I got this idea from the aforementioned friend's blog) so that you can physically see the progression. 
  5. I will do some sort of "adventure" once a month that is active and fun!


I don't have a timeline for these, but here are some ideas I have for my monthly adventures: (Month Completed will be in Parentheses)
  1. Hiking every weekend for a month (Fort Harrison State Park, City Parks, Mounds State Park, etc)  (NOVEMBER)
  2. Frisbee Golf
  3. Learn to play tennis. 
  4. Leukemia Charity Walk
  5. Rent a paddle boat and go paddling in the Canal
  6. Take Irish Step Dancing Classes
  7. Pleasant Run Run (OCTOBER) 
  8. Take a Middle Eastern Belly Dancing Class
  9. Ice Skating (December)
  10. Zumba (December)
  11. Dodgeball Team
  12. Kickball Team
  13. Rock Climbing Class 
  14. Ballroom dancing with my husband
  15. Become a certified Zumba Instructor
  16. Hiking (long Hikes)
  17. GeoCaching
  18. Charity walk every weekend for a month (September 2011?)
  19. Pole-Dancing Class


  1. iCarly Textercise Challenge (OCTOBER)
  2. Park in the Boonies and Hoof it Challenge (NOVEMBER)
  3. Stretching Regimen (On-Going)
  4. No More Drive Throughs Challenge (On-Going)
  5. Weekly Challenge of 6 workouts a week (July 24-August)