Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In and Weekly Wrap-Up (a day late)

Pounds Lost: 0.2

December Challenge: Successfully completed 18 push-ups at one time! (I should be at 19 but I forgot last night but I'll still aim for 20 tonight) 

December Adventures: One Zumba Class down!  But I haven't been Ice Skating, going to change this Adventure)

I haven't posted in a bit, December has been speeding away from me. I went on a trip for work and was not very good at the dessert table. However, I did do a lot of walking AND I took advantage of the hotel gym. So not a terrible showing. In thinking through what went wrong this week and why that "pounds lost" isn't a little higher, I think it was my eating. I actually have been rocking the exercise. I have hit the gym, been doing my push-ups and went to a Zumba Class (with Cloud Dancing's Heartsong and Knitia). According to sparkpeople I burned around 500 calories in my Zumba class, (they don't actually have zumba, but they do have exercise dancing class)

What I have not been doing is keeping track of my food.  I know i have preached it time and time again.. but that is really the key. If I don't hit my calorie mark, around 1800 calories a day, I will never drop this weight. There are many days that I don't track my eating. and I let myself off the hook for that all the time. I have to stop it. I think a new rule should be that even if I don't track that day, I have to go back and retroactively check within a day or two, that way I know what potential damage i have done, I can exercise more, or cut back the rest of the week, either way I can take corrective action. So often I feel like, well that is over and done nothing i can do now...and that is NOT TRUE! knowledge is power.

A pound of fat is equal to 3500 calories. That is how many calories I have to burn through exercise or not eat in the first place in order to lose a pound in one week.  This means that if I don't track and i royally over eat, it is still important to go back and calculate it, I still have time to repair the damage. For some reason this little bit of information is incredibly comforting to me, but in the moment I tell myself the exact opposite and I am not sure why. Sometime I think I am letting myself of the hook, giving myself the freedom to "be bad" which will never get me to my goal, other times I think I just don't want to feel bad about myself.

Anyway, I am instituting 100% food tracking goal... even if the day passes and I don't do it, I am going to make a conscious effort to go back and figure it out.

Today, Cloud Dancing's Heartsong, my cousin, and I are going to our second Step Aerobics class... it is so hard, but burns a TON of calories!  I also plan to do a weight training session tomorrow.

I am also going back to Zumba next Tuesday.   I am hoping to show much better results next week.


  1. You are absolutely right about tracking your food. I have found that when I don't track I eat crap, and when I do track I'm much better at staying within my guidelines. I think I'll join you on your 100% food tracking goal. I'm on Sparkpeople also, and I have the app for my phone, so there's really no excuse.

    I think you should be really proud of yourself! Knowing how you ate when you went out of town and STILL losing .2 pounds?! That's nothing to scoff at. Srsly.

  2. Thank you so much! That really means a lot to me. I think Zumba helped. I know... I should have included the 3 pieces of cheesecake in my post... yes thats right 3 days, 3 pieces of cheesecake.... ahh well... I still did lose 0.2 Thanks again. and I am excited that you'll be joining me on the tracking. you have to let me know how you do....