Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In and Weekly Wrap-Up

Pounds Lost: ZERO  :(
Pounds gained: ALSO ZERO (thank goodness)
Push-up challenge: 25 push-ups! I am totally amazed by that.

So this week was not what you might call successful, but it wasn't a total failure. I participated in annual baking day with the women in my family and the fact that I walked away from that day without gaining 5 pounds is a miracle in and of itself.

My downfall... holiday goodies are EVERYWHERE and I have NO WILL POWER! Although, that isn't entirely true... while I have been partaking in the goodies, I have been MUCH more restrained than in the past.  and I totally STUNK at my 100% food tracking goal. I totally missed one day entirely. I waited too long to get a couple of the days in so it was too late to "make-up" for mistakes and I didn't remember everything I ate, because if my calculations are correct and I had tracked everything I should have lost a pound. so.... better luck next time....

Positives are that I did eat holiday goodies, but I didn't gain. I exercised and I continued with the challenge. Knitia and I went to ZUMBA again last night, we were short a "cloud dancing's heartsong" though. It was my "last chance workout," and I definitely worked up a sweat. I had a good time. I think it goes by fast. Poor Knitia HATES IT! In fact, her direct comment was "I hate it with a fiery passion." There was some more about hating it to the depths of her soul or something, but I don't remember that part well enough to quote it.  despite her fiery hatred she is still going to support me, (already paying for them may have something to do with it...., but I am going with its for me! LOL! ) Even though I like it, the class still kicks my butt.

From Knitia: "Death by Zumba"

So that is all for now. Honestly with the holidays smack dab in the middle of this week, I am going to be glad if i don't gain, and ECSTATIC if I lose. I know i should set higher goals for myself...but its Christmas and I am eating cookies...... so there!

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