Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Weigh-in and Turkey Day!

I weighed in on Wednesday, conveniently before the food festivities that are Thanksgiving Day! I lost 2.4 pounds last week! Which I am thankful for because I gained the week before last! Thankfully this loss was more than I had gained before, so I am back to making progress.

The week I gained I was going over my food journal with my counselor, and she informed me that I was slipping back into my old habits, and I realized that she was right!!! It was a MAJOR wake-up call for me! I have done this before, I become successful in weight loss and I start letting my guard down and the next thing you know I have gained it all back. Well I can't let that happen this time!

 I realized that if it weren't for my counseling I'd be in real danger of gaining all my weight back.

 I remembered that this is going to be a lifelong battle and I can NEVER let me guard down.  

 I realized that I will always have to have someone to hold myself accountable too, not always the counselor that I see now, but someone, my hubby, a trusted friend, or someone in my family!

This week,  energized by my return to losing I made a game plan for Turkey Day, and I am proud to say that fore the most part, I stuck to it! The plan:

  1. USE MY PLATE, even if I got seconds in the plate that was OK, just use it. Even seconds in the plate, is not as big as filling up a regular plate
  2. Tiny desserts, and little-to-no between dinner snacking

I did really well, at my in-laws house i did not use the plate, but I eyeballed it really well, and I only got TINY seconds of one thing. I had a very small piece of the pumpkin pie. At my mother's house I did so-so, I used my plate, and I did not get seconds but I was not successful in the no snacking department (cheese and crackers, carrots, a cookie and two pieces of fudge BEFORE Dinner) and then for dessert I had two pieces of fudge after dinner)  The really good news though is that my whole family played kickball together! IT WAS AWESOME!!! It was really good exercise, there were several times I was pretty out of breath and I broke into a sweat as well, so I know I burned at least a few hundred calories! I think my family really enjoyed it and I hope they are down for doing it again next year!

The part I didn't plan for was the eating of the leftovers! But I have been using my plate to do so and NO seconds! SO hopefully that will be OK! I plan to get as many workouts as possible in over this weekend and Monday, because my weigh-in is on Tuesday- BEFORE I go to Zumba! Anyway, that is my Turkey-Day update! I plan to step up my exercise and strictness in regards to eating for the next several weeks, as I want to lose as much as I can between now and the New Year!

As always, I'll keep you posted!

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  1. You're doin great, sis! You've kept with this for a good long time and it's paid off. Keep it up!

    love you