Sunday, March 27, 2011

March Adventure: Geocaching!

I officially love geocaching! My friend Knitia suggested geocaching for my March adventure and I decided to take her suggestion. I am so glad that I did. It is like treasure hunting! I love it! Saturday I embarked on finding my first cache! I went to Sahm park where there was a cache "just off the trail." I found out that the compass app I installed on my phone was not accurate. I found a radar app that worked, unfortunately I didn't not figure this out before I took the LONG way around to get to the cache.  However, I suppose that going the long way around gave me a better work out.

 Here is a demonstration of my path:

The Red Mark is the location of the Cache, where the blue dash line starts on the far right is
where I started, moving from right to left. You can see how I went the LONG way around!

I got a little cut up by thorns, and broke two nails trying to open the cache, but I still had so much fun. 
After I got home I couldn't wait to find more caches. So I got online to see what other caches were around and found there was one in Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve, one of my very favorite places to hike. So I loaded Dude Monkey and we went to find the cache. We found this one very easily. It wasn't very far down the trail, which was not great for getting a good work out, but was ok, because it was FREEZING!  Here are some pictures of the caching! I really like this hobby and I think I am going to keep doing it in addition to my other challenges and adventures! Cloud Dancings Heartsong likes it too, so I think we are going to do it together. 

To learn more about geocaching visit:

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