Thursday, January 20, 2011

Quick Weekly Weigh In and Update

Lost 1 pound.... Hopefully i'll be off this roller coaster i have been on for the last two months.

I also measured my waist a couple days ago, I lost ONE WHOLE INCH off my waist since the last time a checked, about a month ago! YAY!

I have been utterly failing on my daily stairs challenge, i'll have to do it again next month if i don't get better about it.  I have missed the last two zumba days, but i am going to turbo kick tonight and of course will be going to the class from you know where on saturday. So I am staying pretty on track.

Food tracking is up and down, i'll be great a couple days and then bad a couple days. Going to spend sometime catching up on that tonight I think. Other than that.. I am chugging slowly along.

I think the biggest lesson for me over the past month has been, the number on the scale is not the ONLY measure of success. I am so happy that my % of body fat is dropping and my waist measurement. those are victories too...

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