Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Weekly Weigh in

Pounds Lost- 0
BUT.... I lost 1 % of body fat....

I am not sure what is up with this. Knitia and I waxed philosophical about this for like 20 minutes yesterday. Overall, I am pleased with last week. I burnt over 2500 calories in my various workouts.  I also achieved nearly 100% food tracking... id say I was about at 98% and I didn't go over my calories. I have no explanation for this weeks lack of weight loss. But the only thing to do is push on. I am starting to get discouraged, I was hoping to have hit 25 pounds by now. but I am doing everything I can do.

I did not go to Zumba yesterday as we had some weather. but i have a Wii game called "My Fitness Coach" and I did that. I need to pump up the difficulty level though. I definitely didn't get the calorie burn that I get from Zumba of Total Body Conditioning.

So the vote is in and the monthly challenge is stairs 5 extra times a day. Tomorrow cloud dancing's heartsong and I are going to the gym, we maybe going to this Turbo Kick class that we went to last week. I like it a lot. I really think if you have a lot of weight to lose I really recommend a group fitness class. You stay motivated, accountable and they work you way harder than you would work yourself.

Also, I have not forgotton my adventures. We have some snow so I am going to look into cross country skiing ASAP.

Hopefully next week has some more measurable progress.

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  1. the zero weight loss may be due to gaining muscle, remember muscle weighs more then fat, so I say good job on losing the 1% body fat YAY keep up the good work, I know you can do it :)