Wednesday, October 20, 2010

so far so good.....

I feel like things are off to a good start already! I have the most wonderfully supportive friends in the whole world. They are already giving me all sorts of great ideas.

Food Journaling went fairly well today. I went to a catered dinner for work tonight, so I have no idea how to count the nutritional information for that meal. but aside from that...not bad. All the experts say it, and I think it is true, I really do think about whether or not I want to add something into my journal. Slam-Slam sent me out for a frosty this evening and I almost got a kid sized one, it sounded sooo good. But I thought to myself, I really don't want to put that in my nutrition tracker. So I didn't get it.

In fitness news, my friend, Knitia and I just signed up for 6 Zumba classes. I have done them before and they are really a work out. If that doesn't help kick start things I don't know what will. Also, my pal,  Giggles, came up with an awesome exercise challenge for this month. She got the idea from an episode of I-Carly. I guess the brother in the show gets this text messages with random tasks and he has to drop whatever he is doing and do the task. So we are going to do something similar with each other after work hours and on the weekends. The tasks will be exercise related, for example 10 jumping jacks, or 15 sit-ups, etc. We haven't worked out all the details, but I think Giggles, Queen Bee and I are going to do this for the remainder of October and see how it goes.

I also would like to do some sort of "adventure" before the month is over, get in my one adventure/month rule. Any thoughts? I have some ideas on the rules and adventures page but I am hoping to get more ideas up there before I make a decision. I need a little more variety and your input is much appreciated.

I think that is all for now. I am working out in my head what my weight loss milestones will be. Also, I have decided that each Wednesday will be "Weigh -in Wednesday" so if you don't hear from me before then, I'll definitely be posting Wednesday with a progress report. In the meantime, I need ideas for the October Adventure!

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