Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Pleasant Run Run!

Today was the day for my October Adventure.  A 3 mile family walk through some scenic Irvington Neighborhoods and parks! Overall, it was awesome. But my feet are killing me.  I really am very out of shape. Cloud Dancing's Heartsong and several members of her family and some of her friends came along with us, we had quite the entourage. I was tired before we even got to the starting line, from where we parked. But I was still feeling pretty good. We got there early and I got a starbucks which really helped!

We started off enhusiastic and strong! Things started out really well. The neighborhoods over there are really beautiful! I started struggling a little after a mile I think. There weren't markers, but we figured out that  we did a 20/min mile and it was about 20 minutes or so that I started feeling it. Irvington is suprisingly hilly. Tiny Hills! but hilly nonetheless! I really started to fall behind. CDH's parents were way ahead of us! But I pulled through and made it across the finish line. (there was a moment when we passed by where we had parked that I thought to myself, "Lets go get in the car and hit the road" But we kept going and did the 3 miles in exactly an hour! Afterward we went to Jockamo's pizza (no clue if i spelled that right) and had big salads and a relatively healthy pizza. I know that sounds impossible, but we really did well. We got a pizza with avocado, red, yellow, and green peppers and smoked gouda cheese! not bad! 

After the walk, and lunch we did a little shopping and then went back to the car! It was a great way to spend the morning! CDH's family were wonderfully supportive and I think a good time was had by all! 
AND best of all! I burned 485 calories! WOOHOO!  Pictures below!

Here We Go!

What are we doing?

Cloud Dancing's Heartsong is REALLY excited!

At the Starting Line! 
My First -ever Walk Number Badge! 


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