Monday, October 25, 2010

Trail One at Clifty Falls State Park!

Punchy Brewser is my friend from work who had the idea for me to start this blog. She was previously referred to as "code name undetemined"and I have been bugging her to pick one so that I can talk about her on here. She is an aspiring Roller Derby team member, so she decided to pick a Roller Derby name!  Anyway, Punchy Brewser and I decide to sneak out of our conference duties and take a walk in the beautiful park.  It was a killer, it was really hard, really steep and I thought I might die! but I did it! Of course I didn't really have a choice, once I got out into the middle of the woods, I had to come back! But I was still pretty proud of myself! And of Punchy Brewser! She was very entusiastic and really motivated me to keep going with lots of "you can do it" and high fives! I feel amazing!

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  1. My legs are burning! That hike is still kicking my butt!