Saturday, November 27, 2010

Catch-up Weigh-in and Plan for December

Wednesday Weigh-In


So yes, I knew last week had not gone well.  But it was worse than I thought. I am so disappointed that I gained a pound.  But this is a marathon not a sprint. So I just have to do better next time.  I don't think that I did too bad on Thanksgiving, but I haven't exercised as much as I should have. Exercise is key.  Today I did do my hike, this time I took a lovely walk through Fishers Heritage Park with the Dude Monkey. It was pretty nice. I think I'd like to go again and explore some of the nature trails.  My monthly challenge of Parking in the Boonies really didn't go very well. I did always park farther away, well most of the time, but there were a lot of times when it just wasn't practical because I have the Dude Monkey, and the FURTHEST spot was really really far away.  So I need help coming up with a good challenge for December, something that I may want to make part of my every day routine. Your thoughts on this are very appreciated!

My December Adventures are going to be ZUMBA and ICE SKATING!  I have 6 Zumba sessions that I bought through Groupon, and I plan to Ice Skate at least twice!

Other than that I need to stay motivated on the exercise front. I just took a quiz on Discovery Health's National Body Challenge. I was very honest and I think the results are pretty accurate.
Here are my results:

You Are Somewhat Likely To Stick With It.
  • You tend to believe that physical activity has health benefits, yet you find it difficult to make exercise a priority. Although you have probably participated in sports and exercise in the past, your commitment may have been for less than a six-month period.
  • It's conceivable that you see yourself as self-motivated, ambitious, achievement-oriented and a Type A personality. Therefore, you may have a difficult time attending to non-urgent needs such as physical and spiritual development. Finding time to squeeze exercise into your busy schedule is challenging which leads you to say, "I'd like to exercise but I just don't have the time."
How To Get motivated:
  • Try changing your perspective by deciding what purpose exercise will serve in your life. Are you exercising to create more balance in your life, lose weight, spend time with friends, increase your strength, prevent osteoporosis or decrease your chances of getting breast cancer?
  • Choose one life benefit per month and adjust your workout accordingly. For example, if you decide to use exercise to create balance in your life, you don't need to exercise everyday or at a high intensity. Instead, you may choose to take a Saturday morning yoga class at a gym near home.
  • Remember exercise doesn't have to be all or nothing. Even a little activity will provide you life-long health benefits both physically and emotionally.

My exercise goals for the rest of the week are:

1. Stretch at least once a day
2. Go to Gym Twice 
3. Home Workout once

We will see if this will be enough to make up for my gain this week. I'll continue to park in the boonies until December 1, then hopefully i'll be starting a new challenge. 

The vote is tied for my 25 lb Prize! Someone needs to vote and be a tie breaker! 

Fishers Heritage Park Hiking Pictures


  1. I took the quiz and got the same results. My problem is that I'll come up with grand goals and then decide to start them tomorrow. The problem is that tomorrow never seems to get here...

  2. Amen sister! I am the same way. Yesterday I did a little better, I was going to work out in the morning yesterday and then I kept hitting snooze... but then when I woke up and I was getting ready, I decided.. NO... You don't get off the hook that easily, so I packed my gym clothes and went after work.