Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In and Weekly Wrap-Up- Week 2

Weight Loss This Week- FIVE POUNDS
% body fat lost - .3 (every little bit counts) 
Visits to the gym-0 
Other Exercise: 3 mile Family Walk, Textercises
Food Tracked:  4 days out of 7
Sodas consumed: ZERO!!!!! :) 

This week has been quite successful. I am extremely pleased with the 5 pounds of weight loss. I think most of that can be attributed to the 3 mile walk that I participated in. Because, other than trying to be more active in general, I didn't do a lot of other exercise. 

I also haven't made as much improvement in my food tracking. That is something I want to work on for next week. 

Goals for next week
  • Track food at least 5 days,
  • Hike this weekend
  • At least 2 visits to the gym 
  • Begin Stretching regimen (do it at least twice a week)


  1. I'm so proud of you! It was a hard week with Halloween but you did so good! It makes me think about wanting to loose wait!

  2. Nice spelling there slam-slam!!!

  3. IMA 100 acres is one to add to your list :)

    I agree with Slam Slam, I'm very proud of you keep up the good work!!

    Queen Bee