Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In and Weekly Wrap-Up Week 3

Weight Loss This Week- THREE POUNDS
% body fat lost - .4 (again...every little bit counts, this just shows that some of my weight loss is actual fat) 
Visits to the gym- ZERO AGAIN!!!! NOT GOOD!
Other Exercise: Hiking... and that is about it. 
Food Tracked:  not sure... sparkpeople is down for maintenance....and I can't remember... 
Sodas consumed: ONE.... :( 
* Park in the Boonies Challenge: Pretty well, except I am giving myself an exemption for daycare, it is a really big pain to park far  away, and last night I did not parking in the boonies when I went to Target late at night. I was a scaredy-cat
*Stretching: worked on it a little, lots of room for improvement! 

I have got to get my exercise routine down! I am staying at or under 1600 calories a day and I think that is a big part of why I am still losing, but eventually that is going to level out. I declared today my free day and I took FULL advantage...I'll be paying for it next Wednesday if I don't get myself in gear. I plan to go to the gym tomorrow, and friday, and I'm going to Anderson to hike at Mounds State Park on Saturday

I want to thank Queen Bee also for her unwavering support! She posts on here all the time and it really gives me the drive to keep going and to stay on track... Thank you so much my friend! 

One last thing.. .I am getting closer and closer to my closest milestone: Losing 25 pounds... only 8 more pounds to go! When that happens, Slam-Slam is going to give me a prize. I am giving you lovely readers the opportunity to decide what that prize will be... only two folks have voted so far....
 PLEASE VOTE FOR MY 25 Pound Prize!!! 
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Goals for next week: 
More Stretching, 
More Exercise, and a 
More challenging hike! 


  1. Cloud Dancing's HeartsonNovember 11, 2010 at 8:07 AM

    You'll get the exercise routine down. It will probably change anyway once really cold weather starts.

  2. Thanks CDH! I am sure you are right... maybe you and I can come up with a fun winter routine together!