Sunday, November 7, 2010

So.... I sort of fell apart this weekend.

I had a party at my house on Friday night... blog regulars Giggles, Queen B, Cloud Dancing's Heartsong and Bombshell McGee were all in attendance. I tried to have some healthy food at the party. but I also had some mini corn dogs... and did I focus my eating on the veggie tray or the fruit... NO of course not.. I popped mini corn dog after mini corn dog down the hatch... I totally lost count of how many I had. but it was a lot. I also had one glass of soda and a glass and a half of wine... it was not my brightest moment. I had intended to have a little wine.... and I also was prepared for a couple of many corn dogs.. I think where I went wrong is that I didn't eat a healthy meal before the party. It is a lot easier to be good when you are full. In fact... I think I had a snickers on my way home that day too... I totally fell apart.

I was determined to do better yesterday (Saturday). I journaled my food all day. I was even able to go to Taco Bell and stay within my calories for the day. In fact after taco bell I still had 300 calories i could eat for the day... so i decided to have some grapes for dessert. Then Slam-Slam came home with a Butterfingers and I begged for a bite... and then he said he had two and I could have it, so I ate it on up... Why? I have not idea. there is no way I was hungry. and I had done so well.  I haven't done my hike yet either! I have to do that soon.

I am also really behind on my goals for this week. I have to look at those tonight and get back on track. I really want to have at least a little bit of weight loss each week. Even if it is only HALF of a pound. I don't want to go back up ever again! At the same time, it is when I have a little mess up that I usually just say... screw it.. i can't do this I'll be fat forever.. I can't do that again. All is not lost just because I went on a mini corn dog bender. I just need to get back on track and keep moving forward....

Time to get ready to hike!


  1. your still doing great, don't let one little slip stop ya I know you can do this :)

    Send me a text if you decide to go hiking today and me and the Princess will met ya'll there.

    Queen Bee

  2. Sorry... I didn't get this till just now! Have fun at IMA!