Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hiking, Confessions and my Thanksgiving Plan

So I haven't really posted in a while, I have a lot to catch up on.

I have fulfilled my Hiking Challenges for the month, so far at least. The weekend before last I was planning to go to Mounds with Queen Bee and Princess Bee, but the weather did not cooperate on Saturday. So Sunday Cloud Dancing's Heartsong, Slam-Slam, Dude Monkey and I went to Ritchey Woods. I had not wanted to do the same hiking location twice in the month, but I did different trails then what I did the first time. I carried the little Dude Monkey for part of the time and it was a good workout.

This last weekend Knitia, Cloud Dancing's Heartsong, the Dude Monkey and I went to Mounds State Park and did a really good hike, a little over a mile long. I did the whole thing with the Dude Monkey strapped to my back. According to SparkPeople. I burned 469 calories. We spent the rest of the day in Zionsville at the Toy Museum and walking around, so there was a little more bonus exercise besides the hike.  I'll post my hike pictures at the bottom of this post.

Other than my hike I have not exercised very much at all, I have not been doing my stretching, and I have missed several opportunities to "park in the boonies." Overall this week has not been very successful at all. I have also not been food journaling as much as I should, and I have been making food choices that I knew would take me over my calories for the day. Many of those choices made for emotional reasons. One of the biggest reason I think is stress. A big stress release for me is knitting and I have not been able to do that in the evenings lately. I think that is an important emotional outlet for me and instead of cookies or sending Slam-Slam to the gas station to hostess cupcakes (yes I did that... TONIGHT... BOO) I need to take 10 minutes from my busy schedule and pick up the needles.

I am also coming down with something, I have a sore throat, so I am really worried about my weigh-in tomorrow and what the coming week as in store with the holidays. I do have a plan for Thanksgiving though. I am really going to try to take just little bits of the stuff I love and load up and healthy veggies and lean turkey. Also, Princess E is making some weight watchers recipes I think, so that is going to help.

I was going to write about an awesome recipe that I got from Knitia, but I think I'll write about it tomorrow when I post my weigh-in. I am not expecting good things from this weigh-in. I am going to think through what my goals and changes need to be for next week. I think I am going to do some ice skating adventures in December, but I need a challenge for the month, something that I can do daily or a couple times a week to make me more active. If anyone has any ideas please post them.

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